Is renting through Parklee legal?

Yes. We don’t rent public street side parking (which is illegal). Parklee facilitates the rentals directly from private owners and renters.

How do I pay for a parking space?

Via our app. Type in your vehicle make, model and license plate number. You choose the desired location and you’ll see what’s available in the area. Select a parking spot. Then, upload your credit card info (which is saved for future transactions) and voila, you’ve booked the space.

Can I extend my parking session?

Yes. You can extend the session if the owner of the space has the availability, and the additional time isn’t already reserved by another Parklee driver.

I want to cancel my parking session early. How can I do that?

You can leave at any point during your appointed time, but we may still charge you for the original amount agreed upon. Please make sure you have read the cancellation policies.

How do I list a parking space to rent out?

Via our app. Type in the address, upload some photos and add a few details about the space for potential parkers. Next, choose the available times for rental. The price is fixed in the app: $5 per hour or $30 for the day.  

How do I get paid once someone rents my parking space?

We pay owners on a bi-weekly basis. You can choose a credit to your Parklee account or direct deposit to your bank account.

I want to mark my space unavailable. How can I do that?

In the App, select that your parking space has no available rental times at the moment. You can also deactivate your listing at any time in My Parklees > Spaces. If you deactivate your listing though, you still need to honor any future reservations to avoid penalty.

Are there any fees associated with the use of the Parklee app?

The app is free. We charge the driver a 10% commission for each reservation.

I am having trouble with the app. Who can I contact?

Please call our number (347) 748-1118 or you can email us direct at support@Parklee.com. We’re here to help.

I rented a parking space but another vehicle is parked there. What should I do?

Tap the app to report an issue in our feedback screen. Please describe in detail the problem and we’ll take care of the rest. If it requires immediate attention please call (347) 748-1118 or email us at support@Parklee.com.

What if there aren’t any parking spaces where I need to go?

Email us at support@Parklee.com and we’ll work on something just for you.

My parking space has been posted but it’s not being rented out. How can I improve that?

Please check your availability and keep it up to date. If it’s still not being rented out, send us an email us at support@Parklee.com and we’ll work on it with you.