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Turn your empty space into money!

It's pretty simple, you've got something others want - No, not just your charms and good looks but a sweet, sweet available parking spot. While on vacation, at work, or crafting your artisanal jams upstate, rent out your parking space to another respectful driver.
List your space
Sign up, add a photo and a quick description and specify your space's availability.
Get paid for sharing
There is very little you need to do now. Just sit back and watch the mula roll in.
Share your experience
Share Parklee with everyone you know and help build a strong parking sharing community!


Park the way you deserve.

Up and around the block we navigate; aimlessly wasting our time and gas looking for parking. Reluctantly we drive, around and around, in a parking garage - with an unreasonable fee hanging over our heads.. Searching. Searching for that elusive 9' x 18' vacant area of concrete. Life's too short to waste any time hunting for a parking spot. Not to worry, Parklee has you covered.
Find a space
Parklee will list unused parking spaces up for rent by the owners.
Reserve it
Once you select a spot, it's yours for when you want and for how long you need.
Park like people
With no hidden fees, no covert fire hydrants and no worries of a ticket wielding parking cop, Parklee has you covered.


It all started with Brooklyn

Parking is the easy part, but finding where to park in a city is the why-did-we-even-leave-the-house hard part. After noticing owners leaving their parking spots open (and frustrated would-be parkers circling the blocks), the founder of Parklee - a local Brooklynite - wanted to make those unused areas available for rent to drivers needing a spot.

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